What Does My Handwriting Say About Me?

Do their words seem organised, well written, accurate - or are they all over the place? Is their handwriting neat and pretty, or messy and out of control? Does their handwriting match up with how they look physically e.g. short, thin handwriting vs tall heavy handwriting?

Do you ever look at a person's handwriting and wonder what it says about them?

Do their words seem organised, well written, accurate - or are they all over the place? Is their handwriting neat and pretty, or messy and out of control? Does their handwriting match up with how they look physically e.g. short, thin handwriting vs tall heavy handwriting?

Well according to experts there’s a lot that your handwriting can tell you about yourself, which is quite interesting! Here are some examples of what handwriting styles reveal about people:

Handwriting Size

The size of your handwriting can say a lot about your ability to process information. If you have small handwriting then this means that you are efficient when processing information as opposed to those who have handwriting that is large and expansive. Therefore, you could say that those with handwriting that is large are not as efficient in processing information as they have to write it out more slowly so that you can read it!

The size of handwriting also reveals how we handle stress - handwriting that is narrow shows someone who isn't particularly good with dealing with stress as such, so when they get stressed their handwriting gets smaller and smaller. This can lead people to bottle up emotions which might cause problems in the future! People whose handwriting becomes larger under pressure are considered Type A personality's e.g. competitive or perfectionists they feel the need to compete or do it properly even if they're under pressure!

Handwriting Slant

The slant of our handwriting shows how we process information too - handwriting that leans either left or right, indicates how people approach problems. This can relate to learning styles with some being suited towards visualising things, others being better at the kinesthetic approach involving moving about and touching things etc. This might be quite an individual thing though, where someone might have handwriting leaning one way but be able to cope equally well with both approaches depending on the subject or context!

Handwriting slants can also reveal how your brain works. Slants which move upwards to the left show that someone has a very logical approach to life and will only do things if they see a practical benefit in it, whereas handwriting styles which slant slightly downwards towards the right tell us that people are quite abstract thinkers who will often solve problems by using their feelings or emotions rather than following a logical process. Handwriting styles which show no slant to either side of the handwriting reveal people who like things to be black and white...they don’t see grey areas and only do things if they can do it in a logical manner.

What Does My Handwriting Say About Me? Gemz by Emz

Handwriting and the brain

Handwriting analysis is based upon the fact that there's a link between handwriting and the brain. This means that handwriting is an effective way of understanding how people perceive the world around them, what motivates them etc. People with handwriting that is neat and well ordered are very logical thinkers who are good at problem-solving. Those handwriting styles which are complex, intricate, and complex reveal that somebody might be thinking about several things at once, they're quite creative too! However, this doesn't mean that if your handwriting isn't neat or complex then you don’t have any of these traits!

Handwriting styles also show how open someone is to new stimuli - handwriting which slopes up at the bottom shows creative individuals who are always thinking of new ways to do things. These handwriting styles are very good at creative tasks as they tend to be more abstract thinkers, whereas handwriting that slopes down towards the bottom shows people who are quite careful and thorough in their approach to work/home life. This means that these handwriting slants are often seen being used by scientists or doctors!

Handwriting that is complete but neat reveals someone who is a perfectionist - this can be both helpful and unhelpful depending on the context of what you're handwriting is like! Handwriting styles where letters aren't joined up show us that someone may have difficulty keeping attention so they find it easier to take things slowly. There are lots of reasons for this such as suffering from anxiety, suffering from ADHD etc.

The slope of your handwriting

The slope of handwriting shows how open someone is to new experiences - handwriting that rises upwards reveals someone who has a very active imagination and wants to try everything out there. These types of people can become easily bored as they get used to doing things very quickly and want to explore how they work, taking them apart, etc. Whereas handwriting which falls downwards shows people who like to take life at a slower pace and doesn't like to try out new things as they don’t like the risk of failure. These types of handwriting tend to be more careful too!

The angle of handwriting shows how we deal with praise and criticism - handwriting that rises upwards towards the right shows people who are very happy when receiving praise. This means that they get embarrassed or flustered when getting praised in front of other people so handwriting becomes smaller and slinks to the right slightly. People whose handwriting slants down to the right show us that negative feedback or criticism hurts them more than positive encouragement makes them feel good!

Handwriting and Your Character

People often assume handwriting is show what handwriting reveals about a person's character! This means that handwriting reveals how people think, feel and act towards other people. Handwriting which is messy shows us that someone likes to take their time when they’re working on something as they don't like getting it wrong so they spend longer perfecting it. It can also reveal someone who isn't very good at making decisions as their handwriting doesn’t look 'settled' or organised and looks like it has been written in a rush. Those handwriting styles which are large and flowing mean that somebody probably feels comfortable talking in public because of the size of their handwriting which can read easily by other people. Large handwriting styles also show high levels of self esteem - this is because people who are very happy with themselves don’t need to worry about what others think of them!

Handwriting is a really good way of revealing how someone thinks and feels about life, so handwriting analysers are becoming more popular as handwriting shows us what we're thinking without having to actually say anything! So now that you know your handwriting style's secret why not have your own handwritten message engraved onto a meaningful item of jewellery or gift for a loved one?

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What Does My Handwriting Say About Me? Gemz by Emz
What Does My Handwriting Say About Me? Gemz by Emz
What Does My Handwriting Say About Me? Gemz by Emz
Article written by EMMA THOMSON
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