Engraving Guidelines

Here you will find our detailed recommended guidelines to ensure you get the optimal engraving result from your images. If you would like us to check your photo for you before ordering we are always happy to do so, please upload your photo using the contact form provided on the homepage.

Try to avoid screenshots and social media downloads

I advise against uploading photos that have been downloaded from Facebook/Social Media, this is because these websites reduce the original photo quality due to file compression and cause them to look very pixelated and lose detail - this will make the detail difficult to pick up on the engraving. Please avoid screenshots for the same reason.

Upload high quality images where possible

The engraving quality will always depend on the image quality, therefore if you upload a poor quality, faint, faded, pixelated or blurry image then the engraving will also come out of a low quality as there is less detail for us to pick up. For optimal results we recommend uploading a photo that is high resolution or more than 2mb in size. This is not to say that low quality images cannot be engraved but it can be hit or miss at times.

Avoid photos with harsh shadows

Photos that contain harsh shadows, particularly across the face, will also have these shadows show up on your engraved product. Shadows over the eyes are particularly unattractive as they engrave as the appearance of black holes. I will always lighten the photo as best I can but I cannot remove the shadow entirely so again please bear this in mind when uploading your photo and try to upload a photo that has good lighting over the face.

The same goes for all other engravings too - If you have harsh shadows across your handwriting image, print or baby ultrasound this can result in uneven engraving. Try to take a photograph of your handwriting, print or scan in even day light.

Avoid uploading photos with too many people in them

When ordering most products such as the sterling silver necklaces/bracelets, Pandora style charms, cufflinks or the earrings please remember that these are much smaller items, therefore the photo you are uploading will look much smaller than it would on a necklace or a keyring. This means that we have to crop into the faces as much as we can in order to pick up the facial details and if you're uploading photos with lots of people in them then we have to zoom out in order to fit everyone in, this in turn causes a loss of picture detail and quality. For this reason it is always best to upload a photo featuring no more than 2-3 people. Please also ensure that all subjects in the photo are at the same/similar height to each other, so that I do not have to zoom out alot in order to fit them in, because again this means more detail will be lost from the photo. An example of this would be two adults standing and two children sitting – In order to prevent cutting off the children’s heads in the engraving, I will need to zoom quite far out to fit them in. It would be much better to have a photo of all subjects sitting down with heads at similar heights and close together, this allows me to keep the engraving quite zoomed in and to bring out a lot more detail.

If in doubt about your choice of photo please email us before ordering or upload your photo to be checked via the form on our homepage.

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