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Provide your clients with a comforting keepsake.

In times of grief and remembrance, finding solace and comfort can be a challenging task. Gemz By Emz, the original engravers of personalized memorial jewellery and gifts, has been partnering with Funeral Homes, Jewellers, Florists, and Independent Businesses since 2011. With their extensive experience and expertise, Gemz By Emz offers a unique service that allows businesses to provide their clients with personalized keepsakes, adding value to their offerings and bringing comfort during difficult times.

Gemz By Emz have been accredited by the NAFD (the National Association of Funeral Directors) for the last few years. The NAFD only accept businesses who meet the highest professional standards and we are extremely honoured to be a part of this association and industry. Gemz By Emz owner, Emma had personal dealings with the NAFD almost 4 years ago and they were incredibly helpful and supportive.

The Power of Personalized Memorial Jewellery and Gifts: Gemz By Emz understands the emotional significance of personalized memorial items. Their products can be engraved with various meaningful elements, including photos, handwriting, paw prints, fingerprints, baby ultrasounds, drawings, and even handprints/footprints. By incorporating these personal touches, Gemz By Emz's items have provided solace and comfort to thousands of customers during one of the most challenging periods of their lives.

Partnership Opportunities: Funeral Homes, Florists, and Jewellers have a unique opportunity to offer their clients an additional level of comfort and customization through Gemz By Emz's Memorial Jewellery and Gift Partnerships. Whether a client is dealing with the loss of a loved one, a bride is walking down the aisle without her father, or a customer simply desires a memorial engraving on their purchased jewellery, Gemz By Emz's engraving service is a distinctive offering that enhances the overall value of your business.

Established Expertise: With a decade of experience, Gemz By Emz has perfected the art of engraving personalized memorial jewellery and gifts. Their expertise in photography and photo editing ensures that clients receive the highest quality engraving service. The team's proficiency extends beyond photo and handwriting engraving, allowing for the inclusion of baby ultrasounds, paw prints, fingerprints, handprints, and footprints. This level of customization empowers clients to create truly personalized and tailored mementos.

Partner with Us Gemz by Emz Partner with Us Gemz by Emz Partner with Us Gemz by Emz

Benefits of Partnering with Gemz By Emz:

  1. Unique and comforting service for clients: By offering Gemz By Emz's personalized memorial jewellery and gifts, businesses provide their clients with a unique and meaningful way to honor their loved ones.
  2. Added value to your business: The inclusion of Gemz By Emz's engraving service distinguishes your business from competitors, enhancing your offerings and establishing a reputation for providing exceptional and thoughtful service.
  3. Discounted rates: Through the partnership, businesses have the opportunity to earn revenue from each sale through our discounted rates, creating an additional revenue stream.
  4. Marketing materials provided: Gemz By Emz understands the importance of effective marketing. They offer partners comprehensive marketing materials to promote the personalized memorial jewellery and gifts, simplifying the process of showcasing these offerings to clients.
  5. No minimum order requirement: Gemz By Emz values the flexibility of its partners and does not impose a minimum order requirement. This allows businesses to cater to their clients' specific needs without any constraints.

Gemz By Emz has revolutionized the realm of personalized memorial jewellery and gifts since 2011. By partnering with Funeral Homes, Jewellers, Florists, and Independent Businesses, Gemz By Emz provides a comforting and unique service that helps clients navigate the challenging journey of grief and remembrance. Offering personalized engraving services adds value to your business while allowing clients to create heartfelt and meaningful keepsakes. Embrace this opportunity to partner with Gemz By Emz and provide your clients with personalized comfort during their most difficult times.

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