Keeping Memories Alive with Jewellery

I have captured the tears of joy at a wedding, the tears of sadness at a funeral, the fun and laughter at a family reunion or surprise party - and no matter how much time passes since that moment, the emotion and memories will always come flooding back when looking at those photographs.

I have always had a fascination with photos and with how a memory can be brought back in an instant simply by looking at a photograph. Since embarking on my photography journey as a child and then qualifying as a Professional Photographer as a teen I have loved nothing more than to see the raw emotions of joy, laughter, and even tears through my camera and I believe this quote best sums it up: “Photography is an austere and blazing poetry of the real.” - Ansel Adams.

I have captured the tears of joy at a wedding, the tears of sadness at a funeral, the fun and laughter at a family reunion or surprise party - and no matter how much time passes since that moment, the emotion and memories will always come flooding back when looking at those photographs.

Memories Captured, Memories Lost

Encouraging you to print your photos has long been a goal of mine and those of you who have followed me for a long time will know just how much I go on about this. With all of the digital technology, we have nowadays it is so easy to capture photos but it is also just as easy to lose them - from floppy discs, to CD-roms and flash drives technology is constantly changing and it can be so easy to lose the access to your digital photos. Add to that file corruption or accidental deletion of photos and your beautiful memories will be gone forever! It is so important to print your photos not only to make use of your photos but because it is easy to make a copy of or restore a printed photo.

Preserve Their Memory Forevermore

Here at Gemz By Emz I have gone one step further with my mission to preserve not only your loved one's photo but their memory too. Back in 2011 I discovered that I could engrave actual photos onto items of jewellery and gifts and it blew my mind! I cannot tell you how special it felt to discover that you could carry your loved one with you always and feel a little comfort during times of grief, loss, anxiety, and depression. The feedback I received from creating these items was phenomenal and I was soon engraving not only photos but also handwriting, drawings, handprints, footprints, fingerprints, paw prints, and even baby ultrasounds onto your choice of jewellery or gift. How incredible does it feel to know that you can now have your loved one with you always? Whether you'd like them engraved on to our Sterling Silver Duo Necklace, our Sterling Silver Heart Necklace, our bestselling Pandora Compatible Charms, or our popular Photo Keyrings and Personalised Wallet Cards.

But... How?

To create your beautiful memorial jewellery or gift, all I require from you is the photo itself which you can upload straight from the product page on the website. I have my very own unique professional process that I have mastered for many years which enables me to engrave almost ANY photo and I have been able to take on photo jobs that other engravers could not do. So, whether your photo is 102 years old, (yes, really, I have engraved a photo this old!) low quality, damaged, features people you don't want to be engraved, or is stuck to a photo frame - I can engrave it! All you need to do is upload your photo to the website and I will do the rest. Isn't it so special to know that the beloved photo of your loved one can now be close to your heart every single day? I am always happy to check over your photos for you before you order, simply drop me an email with your photo at [email protected]

Making That Important Choice

Deciding on which item of jewellery or gift to have your loved one's photo engraved onto is not easy as we have such a beautifully large selection to choose from. However, I have made that choice much easier for you by listing some of our bestsellers below:

Sterling Silver Duo Necklace:

My very own exclusive design and one of my most popular items. This sterling silver duo necklace features any two images of your choice and the inspiration behind this design was those old-fashioned photo frames that would open up to have a photo on opposite sides. This luxury coin style necklace is made from solid 925 sterling silver with added Rhodium plating for extra strength and is available in a 16 inch or an 18-inch chain length. This necklace has long been a favourite for ladies looking to have both parents or grandparents engraved side by side. A fantastic jewellery choice for ladies who love jewellery a little different from the rest.

Keeping Memories Alive with Jewellery Gemz by Emz

Sterling Silver Heart Necklace:

Hearts have long been a bestseller here at Gemz By Emz and this gorgeous sterling silver heart necklace is no different! Made from luxury 925 sterling silver and measuring 20 mm this pendant can be engraved on both sides with any image and text of your choice. A popular choice for ladies who are a lover of all things heart-shaped. This necklace will allow your photo to be engraved to a great size to capture all of the little details.

Keeping Memories Alive with Jewellery Gemz by Emz

Pandora Compatible Charms:

A bestseller for the modern Woman! These gorgeous 15mm and 16mm charms are compatible with all sliding bracelets, including Pandora, Thomas Sabo, Chamilia, and more. Made from sturdy Surgical Steel these charms will not discolour, tarnish or react with your skin, they are available in a heart shape or a circle shape! A perfect choice for ladies who prefer a more subtle item of jewellery.

Keeping Memories Alive with Jewellery Gemz by Emz

Men's Dog Tag Necklace:

A bestseller for the Men! This strong and sturdy surgical steel dog tag pendant comes complete on a sterling silver chain in the length of your choice - 18 inches or 24 inches. The dog tags are a fantastic size to have any photo onto engraved on to them and these make a special gift for the man in your life.

Keeping Memories Alive with Jewellery Gemz by Emz

Men's Leather Photo Bracelet:

This is actually our bestselling product from all of our Male items and is made from leather and premium stainless steel. This bracelet will fit wrist sizes up to 8.5 inches and looks fantastic with any outfit! The photos do engrave very small on these bracelets so I recommend these for Men who would prefer a more subtle photo of their loved one, as opposed to our dog tag necklaces which are rather large.

Keeping Memories Alive with Jewellery Gemz by Emz

Further Support

Although engraving beautiful photos and handwriting memorial jewellery is what I do I am always striving to support my wonderful customers and community as much as I can. The majority of you are experiencing grief and loss and this has been tougher than usual over the past couple of years due to the pandemic. So many of you tell me that these items bring you so much comfort during these dark times but I am fully aware that they do not cure the thoughts and emotions that you are feeling. That is why I have put together some blog posts in order to try my best to support you further and I will list those below. On a closing note, please do not struggle alone - seek out your GP if needed and do contact Cruse Bereavement who is a fantastic support group on 0808 808 1677.

Article written by EMMA THOMSON
Innovators of engraved memorial jewellery