3 Ingenious Jewellery Hacks

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3 Ingenious Jewellery Hacks



Check out these fab jewellery hacks what will help you to clean, maintain and store your favourite jewellery!


1) Untangle knotted chains using talcum powder

Nothing irritates me more than when my chains knot together, (particularly the longer chains) save yourself a ton of time in unknotting them by simply sprinkling a small amount of talcum powder over the knot and working the powder into it. Once the powder has absorbed it will start to come apart much more easily.



2) Easy and affordable jewellery cleaner

Save yourself a fortune on expensive jewellery cleaners by simply mixing together dish soap and baking soda and scrubbing the jewellery gently with an old toothbrush. This method has always worked well for my jewellery, particularly sterling silver jewellery.



3) Fasten your bracelet with a paperclip

Take a large paperclip and unfold it so it is in an 'S' shape, clip one end of the paperclip onto the loop at the end of the bracelet and hold the other end of the paperclip with your finger, then simply clip the clasp onto the loop using your free hand.



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