How to Photograph Handwriting Correctly

How to Photograph Handwriting Correctly

How to Photograph Handwriting Correctly: Would you love to purchase some Gemz By Emz handwriting products but are a bit weary of how your handwriting will engrave?

To make the process easier for you I have created this blog post to inform you of How to Photograph Handwriting Correctly, in order to ensure a perfect engraving.

Here at Gemz By Emz handwriting is my second most popular engraving service (second to photo engraving) and is a unique and special way to remember your loved ones, past and present. Handwriting products make a sentimental gift, particularly for a grieving loved one, so rest assured your choice of handwriting is in safe hands with me.

To order a handwriting product all I require from you is a photo of the physical handwriting (your phone or digital camera are fine to use) and you can ensure the perfect photo by following the tips below:


The most vital part of capturing the perfect photo of your handwriting is getting the lighting right, so in order to do that make sure that you take a photo of the card/paper in natural daylight only and not in the evening with fluorescent lighting or flash. Also check that there are no shadows around the handwriting itself as this can make the editing process a little longer. 


Take the photo directly above the handwriting (looking down) and make sure that you don’t angle the camera up or down as this causes distortion and can warp the handwriting. 

Remove any frames

If the handwriting has been framed please remove it from the frame (if possible) before taking the photo, as this will prevent any reflections appearing in the image.

Do not zoom in or crop your image

Refrain from zooming in too close on the handwriting when taking the photo and please do not crop your image. This is because I will need to move the words around so any cropping I will do myself when it comes to editing your image. 

Photographing your handwriting is as simple as that!

All you need to do next is upload your photo capture to your chosen handwriting product page, (or email it across to checkout and I will do everything else for you!

For more information on my handwriting engraving check out my older blog post.

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