How To Make Good Use Of Your Photos

How To Make Good Use Of Your Photos

How To Make Good Use Of Your Photos: It is no secret that I am extremely passionate about taking and printing photos. Not only do photos instantly transport us back to a moment in time but they outlive us too! They are memories that we can pass on to children, grand-children and future family for decades to come. 

Nowadays the majority of people are taking photos on mobile phones or digital cameras rather than film cameras. This means we can see and save the photos instantly which is great! However it also means we can easily lose or delete those photos by accident or due to technology malfunctions. This is why I am always posting about printing your photos as often as you can, because unlike film photos which can be restored, once digital memories are gone you can’t get them back!

 In this wonderful modern age of technology there are so many more things we can do with photos than just print them and keep them in a drawer; so I wanted to share some of those ideas with you today…

1. Photo Albums

I like to organise my photos into lots of different albums whether it’s photos of family parties, holidays, portraits and so on, I have a separate album from each one in date order. If you have lots of time on your hands during lockdown then this is the perfect time to complete this task.

2. Restore them

If you have a photo that you absolutely love but has damage on it eg water damage, scratches, tears or it has discoloured/faded then don’t get rid of it! Instead have your photo restored back to brand new. This is the great advantage of having film photos – you can usually always restore them back to brand new, or at least improve the way they look. This is actually a popular service that we provide so do contact us if we can help. 

3. Feature Wall

Take your favourite photos and add them to lots of different sized ornate frames. You can then use these frames to create a stunning feature wall in your home  to really personalise and add warmth to your home.

4. Create a collage

If you’re not a fan of having lots of photos and frames all over the house then a photo collage canvas could be just what you need! We provide this service and we edit all of your favourite photos and turn them intoa beautifully printed photo collage canvas for a wall in your home. These collage canvases are a great way to tell a family story or remember loved ones who are no longer here. You can have your photo printed in colour or black and white and you can even choose for us to add glitter to it, to sparkle it up. 

5. Engrave them

One of our most popular services! We can engrave your true photo onto lots of beautiful items of jewellery and gifts, including bracelet charms, cufflinks, keyrings, earrings, mirrors, trinket boxes, bracelets and much more. This option is a special way to have your loved one’s photo with you always and close to you every day. All we require is the photo uploaded to the website, or email across to and we will do the rest. 

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