Give the Gift of a Memory

Give the Gift of a Memory

Someone far more eloquent than I once said that “Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.” 

We couldn’t agree more.

However, sometimes, it’s nice to give those memories a physical presence. This could be a photograph, a smell, a sound or the feel of a particular material. Our five senses play an important role in evoking some of our deepest memories. 

Think of the smells from a home-cooked meal, the sight of snowfall in the winter, the sound of a particular piece of music, touching a particular object or the taste of a wine first sampled on that dream holiday – all can transport us to another place or point in our lives, remembering people who were there in the process.

Memories are an essential part of life, and Gemz by Emz can help you keep yours with a range of beautiful, personalised products.

We can engrave fingerprints, hands and feetphotographs, logos or yours/your loved ones handwriting on to a variety of high-quality items, like cufflinksphone casesdrinks coasterspocket watchesjewellery and much more.

As long as the image we receive from you is of decent quality, we can create a unique gift that will last for years to come that won’t ever be replicated because it’s yours and yours alone.

We have lots of experience in making sure your image is just right so if you have any problems or queries, give Emma a quick call, and she will be happy to set you on the right path.

Our personalised Ashes Jewellery collection is the perfect way to ensure that you carry your loved ones with you wherever you go

Some products are more suitable when they’re displayed rather than worn, so we offer a range of canvases and cushions to show your photos, quotes or whatever means something to you in a way that’s right for your environment.

So, whatever memory you treasure, Gemz by Emz has a way to help you keep them in a gorgeous way

We want you to be delighted with every personalised gift or keepsake you buy from Gemz by Emz, and we will always go above and beyond to ensure you’re happy.

Our motto is “if you’re happy, tell everybody else but, if you’re not, tell us!”

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