Handprints & Footprints

Handprints & Footprints



Create a unique keepsake with our range of Handprint & Footprint Jewellery & Gifts. All items are created in house by using the actual prints from your loved ones. We can use existing prints if you have them or you can order one of our inkless printing kits first to create them. Each print is carefully edited which means that we can work with prints of any age and any size. Choose from a wide range of footprint and handprint necklaces, charms, bracelets, cufflinks and more.


1. Select your products(s) and upload the photo of your prints to the product page.

2. Check out

3. We will design and create your unique product.

4. Your completed design is delivered to your address.

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Inkless Print Kit

Inkless Print Kit   Capturing the prints of your loved one or pet couldn't be easier!..


Personalised Snowflake Christmas Decoration

Personalised Snowflake Christmas Decoration This beautiful personalised photo decoration makes a ..


Hand/Footprint Bracelet Charm

  Handprint/Footprint Pandora Compatible Charm Pandora compatible bracelet ..


Handprint/Footprint Ashes Urn Bracelet

Handprint/Footprint Ashes Urn BraceletEngraved with your loved ones actual handprint/footprint this ..


Handprint/Footprint Ashes Urn Necklace

Handprint/Footprint Ashes Urn NecklaceEngraved with your loved ones actual handprint or footprint th..


Handprint/Footprint Bridal Bouquet Charm

 Handprint/Footprint Bridal Bouquet CharmA truly beautiful memorial gift for any Bride, this ha..


Handprint/Footprint Dog Tag Necklace

 Handprint/Footprint Dog Tag NecklaceHandprint/Footprint personalised dog tag necklace engraved..


Handprint/Footprint Earrings

Handprint/Footprint Earrings Turn your loved ones handprints/footprints into a beautiful pair o..


Handprint/Footprint Golf Ball Marker

Handprint/Footprint Golf Ball MarkerThe perfect gift and groomsmen gift for any man, this handprint/..


Handprint/Footprint Guitar Pick

Handprint/Footprint Guitar Pick Guitar pick engraved with a photo of your loved one's true hand..


Handprint/Footprint Heart Bracelet

Handprint/Footprint Heart Bracelet Have your loved ones true handprint or fingerprint engraved ..


Handprint/Footprint Heart Necklace

Handprint/Footprint Heart Necklace Have your loved ones true handprint or fingerprint engraved ..


Handprint/Footprint Keyring

Handprint/Footprint KeyringsHave your loved ones actual handprint or footprint with you always on a ..


Handprint/Footprint Mens Ashes Necklace

 Handprint/Footprint Mens Ashes NecklaceHandprint/footprint ashes necklaces hold your loved one..


Handprint/Footprint Mens Pocket Charm

Handprint/Footprint Mens Pocket Charm The perfect gift and groomsmen gift for any man, this han..