Reward Points


Eeek! Your shopping experience with Gemz By Emz has just got even more exciting!
We are so pleased to announce our brand new customer loyalty rewards program which is now live!
All registered Gemz By Emz customers will now earn reward points on every order (except those where points are being redeemed). These points can then be used to gain money off future purchases. 

How Does It Work?
  • Registered Customers will receive 1 reward point for every £1 they spend online with Gemz By Emz
  • Points will be rounded down to the nearest pound (e.g a purchase of £9.99 will receive 9 points)
  • Each reward point is worth 5 pence
  • You can gain money off your next purchase when you have a minimum of 10 points (50 pence). 
  • You can gain extra reward points for leaving an on-site product review for items you have purchased. There is a limit of 10 reviews per customer per month and you must be logged in to your account before submitting a review
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How To Redeem Reward Points

1) Ensure that you have an account registered with Gemz By Emz and that you are logged in. (Accounts are free and we do not require any financial information from you.)
2) Add an item to your basket that you wish to buy
3) Once you've finished shopping, go to the 'Shopping Cart' page using the link at the top of the page. 
4)  When on the 'Shopping Cart' page click 'Use Reward Points' and enter how many points you wish to redeem off your purchase, then click 'Apply Points.'
5) Continue to the checkout as normal

Please Note: Reward points will not be earned on orders where points are being redeemed. For this reason we advise you to save up your points and in order to maximise points earnings. 

Terms And Conditions
  • Customers can only accumulate reward points when they are logged into their account.
  • Reward points can be used as part or full payment for items at the checkout, but a customer must be logged in to redeem their reward points at the checkout. You will receive 1 reward point for every £1 spent and each reward point is worth 5p, so if you spend £100 you will receive £5 off your next purchase. 
  • Reward points have no cash or monetary value except when used to purchase items from and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other monetary instrument.
  • Reward points cannot be transferred from customer to customer .
  • Reward points cannot be manually added, backdated or added on from other orders.
  • Reward points cannot be accumulated from bespoke order payments, or used to pay for bespoke orders.
  • Reward points cannot be sept over the phone , collected from payments made over the phone, or by any other methods other than directly through the website.
  • To gain reward points, a customer must purchase their item via our website from a logged in account.
  • Reward points can be used at the same time as redeeming a gift voucher.
  • Reward points cannot be issued back to a customer if a customer returns an item for a refund, and used reward points to pay for it - as we cannot manually add reward points again once they have been redeemed. Once reward points have been spent, you cannot get them back, but you can keep collecting more reward points from future purchases.
  • Reward points can be collected from all website items including sale items, but cannot be collected or redeemed with bespoke items.
  • From time to time, Gemz By Emz may gift account holders with bonus reward points.
  • Reward points have no expiry date and can be used as part or full purchase.

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