Personalised Engraved Phone Cases

Personalised Engraved Phone Cases

What’s the one thing most of us can’t ever be without that goes absolutely everywhere? That’s right, your mobile phone and, what’s more, it’ll have a case – so why not personalise your case with an exclusive design just for you?

Mobile phones are much of a muchness these days, and so the only way to express your individuality is by the case that protects it.

Personalised Engraved Phone Cases Gemz By Emz

Gemz by Emz have a fantastic range of mobile phone cases available to personalise with almost anything you can think of:

 Photos of loved ones

Baby Ultrasounds


Paw Prints


Handprints and Footprints

We have been perfecting our products and techniques for our personalised mobile phone products for over three years, and the feedback we’ve received is telling us that it’s a great way to carry your favourite memory with you.

The cases themselves are premium metal that will ensure that your phone survives most of what daily life can throw at it. They also have a mirrored finish which is perfect for checking out your look on the way to that job interview, date (after the current lockdown, obviously), or to give you a shot of self-confidence when you’re out and about.

We currently support the following mobile phone models:

Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S10

Apple iPhone X/XS

Apple iPhone 12/12 Pro

Apple iPhone 11

We have plans to expand the range of mobiles that we support, so if you don’t see yours listed, why not get in touch and let us know?

Please follow any given guidelines or instructions available for your chosen product, and if you are unsure, please ask us. General guidelines for mobile phone case engraving are available.

If you’ve already made your purchase, why not tell us in the comments what you think?

Gemz by Emz – the place for personalised mobile phone cases.

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