What's New?

Posted by emma 20/06/2019 0 Comment(s)

What's New?



There have been so many changes taking part here at Gemz By Emz HQ over the past 12-18 months!

Firstly we started by expanding our product ranges and bringing lots of fresh and new home decor and gift products

We then changed our brand colours to the beautful and mellow colour of yellow, along with marketing and packaging materials to match.


Most recently we have been completely revamping our website, which you may have noticed happens alot here at Gemz By Emz (we get bored easily, hehe!) and we are trying out new features, layouts and styles which you will begin to notice, how exciting!

With a growing business comes expansion (and more work) so we will be outsourcing some parts of our workload/tasks and bringing on board some new faces, so expect to see Gemz By Emz in alot more places going forward! Don't worry though, it will still be Emma dealing with all customer service and creating your beautiful items.


Lastly, we have created yet more beautiful new products and these are set to launch in July so I will create a separate blog post to introduce the new items, hehe! Can anyone guess what the new items are?! Let us know in the comments below.





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