What Chain Length Do I Need?

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What Chain Length Do I Need?



When shopping online for necklaces it can be hard to figure out what chain length is best for you, particularly because you can't try them on in person, so to make your shopping experience much easier I have added some pointers below.



I sell three chain lengths with all pendants and they are a 16 inch, an 18 inch and a 24 inch chain. The length each chain sits at will vary on each individual as it depends on facts such as your height, your width and your neck size. Generally speaking though if you are quite slim then a 16 inch chain should sit on your collarbone, an 18 inch should sit just below your collarbone and a 24 inch will hang much further down around your chest area. If you are a wider person then the 16 inch will sit much higher up on your neck, the 18 inch will sit around your collarbone and the 24 inch will sit in between your collarbone and chest area.



If you are a slimmer person or have a slim neck like me then I would definitely opt for the 16 inch or 18 inch chains, as I find the 24 inch chain hangs down too low for my liking and gets in the way. However, if you are a wider person or have a wide neck then the 16 inch is not going to sit comfortably for you, so I would opt for the 18 inch or the 24 inch chains.



I hope this helps with deciding on the best chain lengths to opt for when shopping online, you can check out my own range of necklaces here.




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