Mrs Hinch Recommends Gemz By Emz!

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Mrs Hinch Recommends Gemz By Emz!





We were so lucky to have made so many beautiful items for Mrs Hinch recently and she very kindly gave us a shoutout on Instagram which has done amazing things for Gemz By Emz!



If you don't yet know about Sophie Hinchliffe AKA Mrs Hinch then where have you been?!?! Sophie posts her useful cleaning tips on her Instagram but unlike alot of others this was not actually the reason I originally followed Sophie.



Mrs Hinch, like me, struggles with anxiety at times and sometimes just seeing and relating to someone who feels the same way as you can really help you in your time of need! From talking about her struggles to posting quotes that make you feel better it is so nice to watch her stories and relate or agree to them daily. Sophie is also a huge advocate for small businesses and has done amazing things for not just my business but lots of others too, not only helping with new followers and supporters but also customers, profit, recognition and letting everyone know what us unique businesses do as a service. It was my pleasure to make the below items for Sophie and I have linked each item to the relevant product page for those of you who wish to browse/shop.




Engraved Bangle






This beautiful bangle is sterling silver and fully adjustable to make as big or small as you need it to be. The charm is made from surgical steel so will never discolour, react or tarnish. Both sides can be engraved with a photo, text, handwriting, fingerprint, paw print or even pregnancy scan!


Mrs Hinch's bangle was engraved with Ronnie's face on the front and his name on the back.



Compact Mirror






This beautiful handbag mirror can be engraved with anything you like on both sides and features a double mirror inside. The mirror measures roughly 35mm x 35mm so is the perfect size to fit into your handbag.



Mrs Hinch's compact mirror was engraved with Ronnie's face on the front and a special quote on the back which reads:


"Hold him a little long, rock him a little more

Tell him another story, you've only told him 4

Let him sleep on your shoulder, rejoice in his happy smile

He is only a little boy for such a little while."



Heart Trinket Box





These heart trinket boxes measure 65mm x 65mm and are fully lined with a luxury velvet lining inside.

The front can be engraved with a photo, handwriting, text or even a pregnancy scan, hand/foot/paw print.

I engraved Ronnie's photo onto the trinket box for Mrs Hinch, however the photo was not the clearest to upload so check out the videos on my Instagram to see it up close. 



Pandora Style Charm






These charms fit onto any slider bracelet, including Pandora, Thomas Sabo and more! They are made from surgical steel so they will never react, discolour or tarnish and they measure roughly 15mm x 15mm x 5mm.


Both sides can be engraved with anything you wish! For Mrs Hinch we engraved the front with Ronnie's pregnancy scan and the back with 'Baby Hinch' as this was made before Ronnie was born.



Mini Heart Necklace






As above, I also made a matching necklace for Mrs Hinch featuring Ronnie's pregnancy scan and 'Bbay Hinch' on the reverse. These charms are similar to the pandora style charms, however they come on a beautiful sterling silver chain so that they can be worn as a necklace.



Heart Earrings





These stunning earrings measure 12mm x 12mm and can be engraved with photos OR wording! We chose to engrave 'Mrs Hinch' on to these to make them unique for Sophie. As with the above products these are made from surgical steel and will not react, discolour or tarnish.



Crystal Pen






The famous crystal pens! Made famous by Mrs Hinch herself, the difference with our pens is that they are engraved with your choice of name or text, making them personal to you! You can now write out your hinch lists in style! This is the exact pen that we engraved for Sophie and it's definitely one of our favourites!


Again we are SO thankful to Sophie for helping to grow our business even further and are so excited for what the rest of 2020 will bring!

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