Boho Chic Home Decor

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Boho Chic Home Decor


Bohemian fashion and home decor has always been a huge love of mine! From dreamcatchers and feathers to crochet and macrame, I love it all and Boho was the inspiration behind my newest wall art designs!




I decided to create some wall canvasses to bring a Boho feel to your home; not only are they colourful and pretty but extremely unique!

The first set features multicoloured feathers looped together to make a heart, three gold and pink feathers with a beautiful glitter font and a pretty dreamcatcher made from pastel coloured feathers.

The second set is a little bit more retro and features a leopard print feather (I LOVE leopard print) and is personalised with your choice of name, it also features a fabulous retro VW style campervan complete with surf board, luggage and bright colours.


They are both sold together as a set, however if you would like to buy them separately then please contact us to arrange this.


The boho canvas set starts from just £124.99 free postage for all three wall canvasses!

The retro set starts from just £82.99 free postage for both canvasses.

I'm sure you'll agree these are amazing prices for a set of beautiful canvasses for your home that are designed to last.





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