2019 Goals

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2019 is here!!



I have never been the sort of person to create New Years Resolutions, reason being I set myself goals all year round - attainable goals for both myself and my business.


I have many, many, many goals set this year, I therefore thought my first blog post of the year would be the perfect time to share some of them with you. However, so that I don't give away all of my plans and ideas, I have decided to share just a few of my main goals.


Firstly, I plan to travel alot more this year! I started my business many years ago and I have quite frankly worked my arse off! I've turned down social events, holidays and partying over the years to focus on growing my business and meeting all of my targets. 2018 saw all of my hardwork really start to bring results and I finally feel more comfortable than usual with stepping away from business to live life more and enjoy myself! One of my main goals for 2018 was to work smarter, not harder and to take more time off- I definitely achieved that and now I want to do the same but with more travelling, hehe!


Secondly, this year I am planning to relax more! I've gotten really good at learning to not stress, have faith and think positively over the past few years and if you've read my story on my past anxiety issues, I am pleased to say that I now only get anxiety every now and again. I have really been living my truth over the past few years, being myself, not caring what other people think and learning to ignore and separate myself from negative and toxic people and this has been a god send!! In 2019 I want to have more relaxing experiences... spa days, massages, relaxation treatments and therapies, meet some more amazing and positive people and really focus on living in the moment and relaxing.


The last goal I want to share with you today is a business goal and that is to triple everything! Triple my income, triple my sales, triple my customers, triple my income... and I have alot of ways I will be doing this, which I won't be sharing here as they're top secret ;) hehe! I am determined to meet this goal and if 2018 is anything to go by then I am well on my way to smashing it!


What goals have you set yourself for 2019? Share them in the comments below...

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