10 Facts About Me

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Alot of you requested this blog post over on Instagram, so here it is!

10 Facts About Me:


1: I am a Qualified Professional Photographer! I have been passionate about Photography since I was a child and I qualified in this subject back in 2008. Ever since I have photographed Portraits, Landscapes, Products and Business Owners, I am also able to fully restore old and damaged photos. My favourite Photographer is Irving Penn and black and white photos are my absolute fave!


2: I have a skin condition called 'Vitiligo' which means that some parts of my skin are white and have no pigment at all! You may have heard about the condition as Michael Jackson had it. Vitiligo has been labelled as 'incurable' however I have been lucky enough to see my skin re-pigment and it is almost gone on my body. You can read more about this part of my story here.


3: I am qualified to teach! I used to work in Education and I gained my teaching qualification during this time.


4: I have had 18 jobs!! Haha!


5: I really hate going to posh/expensive places and events, not only because you don't have much food on your plate but because I feel soooo out of place! My happiest place is on the beach with a picnic and some beers! 


6: I used to suffer severely with Emetophobia (a phobia of sick) and also anxiety. Travelling really triggers both of these and I couldn't even get on a bus without feeling anxious when I was about 12 because of my phobia but now I can fly on a plane by myself! Whoop whoop!


7: I never give up! If I really want something I will always fight for it and push through it, even if that means having bad days or having severe anxiety. I will always get there in the end.


8: I am 30 this year!!! .... Whattttttt!!, where has 30 years gone? I still feel like I'm 25 but I have some special events planned throughout this year that I'm really looking forward to!


9: I absolutely love astronomy and photographing the moon and stars, I think the photos look amazing especially when they're printed out on to a huge canvas!


10: I used to suffer with a condition called 'Osteomyelitis'  and I am very VERY lucky and blessed that my doctors got rid of it, as it can be extremely difficult to treat and at the time I had it, it was very rare.



Emma Thomson


Emma Thomson is the owner of gemzbyemz.co.uk – specialising in personalised jewellery and gifts engraved with your choice of photo or handwriting. You can view our ranges of products and gifts here.

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