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Disruptive sleep is a pain at the best of times and is even more evident at the moment during this Pandemic. I'm usually really good at falling asleep and staying asleep myself but have noticed the past week that I've not been sleeping well at all! I ran a poll on Instagram last night and 97% of you said you were having the exact same problem at the moment.


This led to me doing some research today to help both me and you with our sleeping patterns this week!

These are the best tips that I have found:


Clear The Clutter

Clean your room up, get rid of any clutter and keep your room as minimalist as possible, apparently have a clear room helps with your sleep! Whilst we are on the subject of clutter it is also a good idea to clear the clutter in your head too - keep a notebook beside your bed every night to write down all of your thoughts, feelings and worries before bed to get them all out of your head. If you have anything on your mind that needs doing or you have some ideas then also write those down so that you don't forget them. This technique is supposed to help greatly with sleep so give it a try. 


Stick To Sleeping At The Same Time

In order to get your body into a routine it is important to try and sleep (and wake) at the same times everyday. Ensure you are asleep by 11pm the latest for optimal health, this is because our hormones regenerate between 11pm at night and 3am in the morning and this is vital for your health and stress levels (especially for us ladies!) Following this tip will mean your body will usually start to get tired around the same time every night and will wake up automatically at roughly the same time every morning.


Avoid Technology

It can be tempting to check your phone or stick the TV on late at night but doing so wil affect your sleep, not only because they keep your brain active but the blue light can trick your brain into thinking it is daytime, which will keep you awake so it is bet to avoid technology near bedtime. 


Exercise Regularly

I find swimming helps me sleep really well, however due to the self isolation rule at the moment I am unable to swim so I have been doing daily workouts at home instead. I do find exercise helps with sleep because it makes you burn energy and wears you out so I definitely recommend it for help with sleep. 


Use A Sleep App

I find apps like 'Calm' are brilliant with helping me to sleep! Not only does the app have sleep sounds and music but it also has meditations and audio stories too. It is great for help with sleeping and I highly recommend it. 


I hope these tips help you but if you are struggling with your sleep for a long period of time then it might be worth speaking to your GP for further help and guidance.




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