5 Ways to Keep the Kids Occupied on a Rainy Day

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5 Ways to Keep the Kids Occupied on a Rainy Day



Days out are always a fab way to keep kids occupied and busy, however when you live in the UK you sometimes need a back up plan for those awful, windy and rainy days and that's where I can help! Check out these five ideas for keeping your children entertained whilst indoors:



1) Bake fairy cakes

If you have spare ingredients lying around, or a pack of cake mix (if you're anything like me) then let the children help you bake some cakes and get creative with the cake decorating.

There are a ton of recipes online to choose from but you can't go wrong with this simple fairy cakes recipe.



2) Build a fort

I used to love doing this as a kid! It can be as simple as pulling the duvets across the sofas, adding in some blankets, pillows and cushions, some little snacks and drinks, toys and books.



3) Get creative with face paint

If you have a creative flair and some spare face paint (or even make up) lying around then paint your little ones faces with their favourite cartoon character or animal.

This website has some fab free face painting guides to help you.



4) Learn a dance routine together

This is one thing I always used to do as a kid! I would watch music videos over and over again and learn the dances off by heart before performing them to my family, haha!

These days it is much easier to do this as there are so many free dance tutorials on Youtube, check out this video to learn The Greatest Showman dance.



5) Play hide and seek

If all else fails, you can't go wrong with a game of hide and seek! Kids love it and all of that running around will keep you fit at the same time



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