How To Prevent Boredom During Self-Isolation

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Self-isolation might be driving you crazy, especially if you're the type of person who hates being indoors and likes to be out and about, but I thought I would put together a few ideas that I have been doing myself to keep busy and occupied during this period. 

1) Clear out all of your stuff
I cleared out ALL of my stuff Marie Kondo style and not only did it keep me busy but I feel so much better for doing it! I now only have the clothes/shoes I actually wear and the stuff I actually use. The rest has been donated to charity shops, hospitals etc. I even went a step further and organised it all by smart/casual, colour and item of clothing haha! I rolled all of my tops and trousers up too, to be even more extra! 

2) Do some home workouts
I love doing workouts from home and they are perfect for those of you stuck indoors! I have DVDs but you can also find free workouts and stretches (even yoga classes) on Youtube. (and also on Instagram lives) Now is the perfect time to get yourself some abs and a six pack, haha. 

3) Learn to cook with what you have
With buying food in shops abit of a pain at the moment, have a look in your cupboards at what you have already and see if you can create some of your own recipes. It could taste amazing, it could taste like crap but it's bit of fun for you and the kids. 

4) Write a blog or create a vlog
If you love to write or love cameras then why not create a blog or vlog and document your day to day life during this self-isolation period? Whether you choose to make them public or keep them private, they are sure to make great memories for you to look back on and remember this time and also remember some of the positives you have taken from it.

5) Read those books that you've never finished
If you're anything like me you've probably got loads of books that you've started to read and never finished (lol) so now is the perfect time to actually go back and finish them! Who knows what you might learn? I have tons of books on Self-Development and Business so this is definitely something that I will be doing myself. 


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