How To Personalise My Home

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How To Personalise My Home


Whether you're moving into a new home, or you're looking to personalise your current home, adding a personal stamp is always a great way to make your house feel more like a home. Here you will find a few small projects to get you started on your personalisation journey!




1) Clean! Clean! Clean!

First things first! Give your house a full Spring clean using your favourite scented products, or why not go a step further and use natural cleaning products with your favourite essential oil thrown in for your own unique, personalised scent?! Giving your house a full deep clean will get you motivated for renovating the other parts of your home.


2) Update your front door

Updating your front door is a great way to completely change the look of your house from the outside and it doesn't have to be expensive! Start with simply painting your front door in your favourite colour and then you can update the locks, handle and knocker too! Whether you're looking for modern or vintage, both looks are easily achieveable. 


3) Paint the walls

It really is amazing how a lic of paint can completely transform a home! Whether you're a lover of white, bright and neutral or bold and colourful, painting your home in your favourite colours is a great way to show off your personality. If you have a dark room then adding white and neutral colours will reflect the light and make it look bigger, alternatively if you have a large room why not play with some darker colours? Or maybe a statement wall?


4) Buy fresh flowers

Something as simple as a fresh bunch of flowers can really add warmth and personality to a home! My favourite flowers are always Sunflowers because they're bright, yellow and happy! Why not shop for some flowers that match your home colour scheme?


5) Add a rug

If you're not a fan of your current carpet/flooring and can't afford to update it then a large rug can really change the look of a room! Go for light and neutral or bold and bright to reflect the personality you want to portray. 


6) Put up some shelves

Adding shelves is not only great for storage but it also fills in those large blank walls and adds character and personality to your home. Decorate them with candles, plants, trinkets, photo frames... whatever feels right for you.


7) Put up some personalised canvases and photos

Another solution for those large blank walls is to have your favourite photo(s) printed onto a beautiful wall canvas! I have a large selection of these for you to choose from and you can even add glitter for a beautiful sparkle! Why not create a photo wall while you're at it? Simply hang various sized photo frames onto your walls and fill them with your family photos for a truly personalised feel.


8) Add some personalised cushions

These are great for your living room and bedroom! You can shop online for a wide range of coloured and personality filled cushions, alternatively you can purchase your very own personalised photo cushions right here!


9) Put up some wall hooks

Add some hooks for your coats, your keys and even Macrame! The options are endless and a great way to make your house feel like a home. 


10) Throw in some plants!

Plants add a wonderful boho feel to your home, they fill empty spaces in the corner of the rooms and they great for health benefits too! (You can read my latest blog post to find out more on this.)


Tell me in the comments how you are personalising your home?

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