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Personalised Handwriting Jewellery vs Photo Jewellery




Alongside our extremely popular photo jewellery range, we have also been engraving your loved ones exact handwriting onto all of our jewellery and products for many years.

Handwriting is personal, unique and can evoke such strong emotions, particularly when we find an old card or a note from a loved one who has now passed. Photos not only bring back memories of that particular person, they transport us back to that moment and that exact memory of when the photo was taken. Although both handwriting and photos can bring up strong emotions, they can also provide great comfort at such a difficult time as they allow you to feel like your loved one is right here with you.



Ordering an engraved item is simple! To have a photo engraved simply upload it to the website via the desired product page, for handwriting please take a photo of the handwriting first and then upload it the same way. We will then engrave it onto your chosen Jewellery or gift item for a wonderful, special keepsake. Unique, affordable and personalised jewellery for any occasion.Choose from a wide variety of handwriting jewellery and gifts, including handwriting necklaces, handwriting bracelets, handwriting cufflinks and more!



As always, if you have any questions, drop us a message or call us on 07446072393





Emma Thomson


Emma Thomson is the owner of gemzbyemz.co.uk – specialising in personalised jewellery and gifts engraved with your choice of photo or handwriting. You can view our ranges of products and gifts here.

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