From Dusty Memories to Restored Nostalgia

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From Dusty Memories to Restored Nostalgia



Do you have old photos stored away in a box gathering dust?
Have you inherited some of your family’s black and white photos but not had a chance to go through them?
Or have your old family photos been damaged in some way?


Here at Gemz by Emz, I am passionate about making memories and restoring photos that haven’t seen the light of day.
You may feel scared to get them out in case you do more damage or you just haven’t had the time to look after them.


Whatever your situation, I can help!


Now more than ever we are in a digital age where the possibilities are endless and I have tapped into this to provide you with a genuine service to relive those treasured memories.


Bring the nostalgia back into your home.


As your photos sit there gathering dust, you’re busy creating new memories in a digital age, on your phone and Ipads.
However, it is vital to not give up on dusty photos especially with households that have children, so you can sit together and reminisce about a time that once was.


This will create a sense of history for your family, opens up questions about your past and can bring people together in ways you didn’t realise.


So, how can I restore your old photos?


No matter what state your photos are in, from faded images to torn edges, Gemz by Emz can bring them back to life.
I can remove anything from dust, creases, scratches, rips, tears, background removal and water damage.


I can bring back tones and colours into your photo and we can even turn your black and white photos into colour.
Plus, I can sharpen blurred or pixelated photos (I can’t unblur them) to make them a little better.


Just think of how happy it will make you feel to see your old grandparents back in the day or keep the sentiment that was given to you.


We often forget that our most precious items are our old photographs because you can’t recapture them again so why wouldn’t you want to look after them?


Once your photos have been restored by me, why not take it a step further in keeping the memory alive?


You don’t just have to have your photos handed back to you.
Why not turn the photo into an item of jewellery as a gift for a family member?

I can engrave the image onto a pendant, cufflinks or earrings.
I can also add the newly restored image onto a cushion or canvas as an extra added surprise for that all important gift and milestone.


Here’s some examples of previous customer photos and how I have improved the images: 



As you can see, I can just about restore any image!


Not only is this something that you can treasure whilst the technology is here to do it but it also offers a unique way of giving presents to people especially if it's the type of person who you think has everything!


It doesn’t matter who you are, it’s human nature to keep sentimental items from our family’s history.


To find out more about how our photo restoration service works, click here or email me your photos today to

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