Fingerprint Jewellery

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Fingerprint Jewellery Engraving



Our fingerprints are the most unique part about us and no two fingerprints are the same, even identical twins do not have the same fingerprint!

Having a loved ones fingerprint engraved onto our memorial jewellery is a special way to have a part of your loved one with you always. Over the years we have made many pieces of memorial jewellery for our customers and we never lose sight of how incredibly precious and irreplaceable they are.

Alongside photos, handwriting and text did you know that we can also engrave fingerprints (along with hand prints, foot prints and even paw prints!) onto ALL of our items!
Whether you are looking for a Pandora style charm, a dainty pair of earrings, a statement necklace, a pair of cufflinks or perhaps even a compact handbag mirror!
All we require is a photo of the actual print itself uploaded to the product page (or emailed across after ordering) and we will do the rest.
Alternatively, If you need to create a print you can contact us for assistance with this.

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