5 Ways Gardening Can Boost Your Mood

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5 Ways Gardening Can Boost Your Mood




During this period of self-isolation when you have so much time on your hands and can't leave the house whenever you please, you are left to sit with your thoughts and for those of us with mental health struggles (most of us if we are honest!) this can cause our brains to go into overdrive! 



Not only are we having to deal with staying indoors 24/7 and not seeing loved ones and friends but we have the worries of Covid-19 and how it is going to affect our own families. Some have loved ones suffering with this virus right now and others have lost their loved ones to the virus and have not been able to say goodbye. All of this is bound to make anyone stressed, anxious, depressed and cause them to struggle. 



I have personally found that when life is a struggle or I am anxious or dealing with grief, that throwing myself into something to focus and keep me busy majorly helps. For me, this is business but another great way for others to do this is to focus on gardening. 



Whether you have a garden or not, these following tips are just a few ideas on how you can use gardening to help with your mental health at this awful time, for both inside and outside the house. I hope you find them helpful. 




1: Plant some seeds

Whether you want to have some beautiful flowers to look at each day, or have a go at growing your own vegetables you can purchase seeds online, along with a seed tray and propagator. If you need some help with how to sow seeds, you can check out this helpful guide here. My personal favourites are Sunflowers and Gerberas. Planting helps with your mental health as it allows you to watch the seeds grow into something beautiful and gives you something to focus on and look after each day.



2. Clean your greenhouse

With plenty of time on your hands now is the perfect time to clean the greenhouse inside and out. Start by clearing out the guttering, the frames of the greenhouse and lastly wash down the glass and the flooring of the greenhouse. Not only will doing this get rid of pests but it will help you feel better knowing that you have achieved something today.



3. Grow your own house plants

This tip is perfect for those of you living in a flat or without a garden. Planting your own house plants, as above, will give you something to focus on, nourish and watch grow. Doing this will help alot with your mental health but house plants also help to clean the air in your flat/house and add a lovely boho vibe to your home. If your home doesn't get much sunlight then shade-loving plants are perfect for you, however if your home gets lots of sunlight then Cacti are the best choice.



4. Paint your flower pots

Treat yourself to some wooden plant pots ready for when your flowers and plants are grown enough and use this time to paint them! Choose a lovely grey or navy colour which are bang on trend, or go for a bright colour like yellow to make you smile. if you have a flat with a balcony then why not arrange a few in the corner if your balcony along with some oudoor fairy lights so that you can chill outside. 


5. Do some painting

Spruce up your fences and shed with a new colour! If you have time to kill then use paint brushes to paint everything or if you want to save alot of time, treat yourself to a spray painting machine to get the painting done in half the time. Why not go even further and add some pretty lanterns or fairy lights along your fencing. 


These are just a few tips to get your started but if you have some great tips of your own leave them in the comments below.




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