5 Things You Can Do For Someone With Anxiety

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5 Things You Can Do For Someone With Anxiety



Anxiety is a common emotion to experience, particularly when you are grieving. If you have never suffered with anxiety but somebody close to you does and you're not sure what to do, then here are 5 things you can do for them when they are anxious:


1: Don't Ignore Their Messages


Those with anxious minds can tend to overthink and think the worst with alot of situations, so If they have messaged you to reach out and are struggling then please don't ignore their text. To someone with anxiety it will feel like you don't care and even though it can be hard to know what to say during an attack, sometimes just reassuring them or letting them know you are there is enough to make them feel less alone. 


2: Ask How You Can Help


Everyone deals with anxiety differently - some people like to be left alone to gather their thoughts and take deep breaths, some will like to have you with them to distract their mind or give them a hug and others just need you to sit with them and hold their hand. It is best to ask them how you can help them so that when they do have an attack you know what to do to help.


3: Understand Everyday Tasks and Situations Can Be Overwhelming 


Anxiety can affect so many aspects of a person's life! Sometimes just getting to work is hard because they're finding it hard to simply wake up and get ready without struggling to breathe or being sick, sometimes driving somewhere unknown can bring on anxiety incase they get lost or away from their comfort zone and for some people even just going to the pub for a drink can bring on anxiety because of the crowds and noise. Understanding the person and their anxiety and accepting it without making them feel bad is absoluely necessary to help them.


4: Learn To Notice Signs Of An Attack


When you've known someone a while you get used to noticing the little tell tale signs before an attack is about to happen. They might start taking deep breaths, looking around alot, go quiet when they are usually quite chatty, start biting their nails or picking their skin or seem as though they are not paying attention to you. When you start to notice the signs, begin helping them with the techniques you've discussed (as above) stay calm and keep reassuring them.


5: Don't Make Them Feel Bad About Having Anxiety


As an anxiety sufferer there is nothing worse than the added pressure of trying to look and act normal when inside you're screaming! Making the person feel bad, or guilty or like they are an inconvenience will only make them worse and make their anxiety worse. Put yourself in their shoes, how would you feel if someone was making you feel that way? Encourage them, reassure them and ask how you can help them.



If you need further support on how to help someone struggling with anxiety, then please check out these articles by MIND.



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