5 Best Business Tips

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5 Best Business Tips



My journey as a Business Owner has certainly been a learning curve! I have grown, adapted and learned alot not only as a Business Owner but as an individual too.

I have befriended many other Business Owners over the years and most recently quite a few start ups who have frequently asked me for advice, so I thought it would be useful to turn my top 5 business tips into a blog post for you all to enjoy as well.


1) Follow your passion

You have to be in love with what you are doing or it will not work, so ensure you start a business doing something you really enjoy and are passionate about. Difficult times, moments and stress will come and when that happens it is your pasison for what you do that gets you through them. If you're struggling for ideas on what to do for a business then start by writing down your passions! It is one thing to enjoy something as a hobby but you might not necessarily enjoy doing it as a business.
2) Separate yourself from your business
 So many Business Owners become emotionally involved in their business but you have to separate yourself from it. If someone challenges your pricing, your products or your service, you have to respond professionally as a business! Not as a human who has had their feelings hurt. If a Customer says that your products are too expensive for them or they can't afford them then that is totally fine! Respond professionally, thank them for their time and wish them well. If someone criticises your products, ask them what they would improve on and what they dislike about them? This will help you to better tour products even further! Always turn a negative or a criticism into a positive and a learning curve.
3) Focus
 Don't allow yourself to become distracted by noise, negative people and drama! Throw your time and energy into growing your business not on other people and their problems or dramas, otherwise not only will you feel negative and irritated but in the time you spent bitching and moaning you could have done 5 extra tasks on your business. Don't forget to learn, learn, learn as much as you can as well and to network with other businesses online and offline!
4) Don't focus on the money
 When you focus on the money you will get stressed and irritated more easily if you're not making as much as you need to be. Turn your focus onto your customers and how you can help them instead! What problems does your business solve for your target market? Let your customers know, engage with them and get to know them! People buy from people so focus on the human side of business rather than just the money and the sales.
5) Be prepared to work hard in the beginning

 When most people start a business they don't have a huge cash flow so in the beginning you will most probably be doing everything yourself! From stock management and supply, to making orders, posting orders, doing your accounts, maintaining your website, answering enquiries and managing your social media pages... alot of work is involved, especially for one person, but the hard work in the beginning will pay off and you will eventually be able to outsource some of these tasks. When I very first started a business I was working full time 8am - 4:30pm, I would then come home and work 6pm - 1am the next day before getting back up for my day job. It was hard work but it has paid off in the end.


I hope you have found these tips helpful and if you ever need anymore advice with starting your business feel free to give me a shout! I am no expert but I'm happy to tell you of my experiences.



Emma Thomson


Emma Thomson is the owner of gemzbyemz.co.uk – specialising in personalised jewellery and gifts engraved with your choice of photo or handwriting. You can view our ranges of products and gifts here.

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