3 Top Tips For Managing Pregnancy In Lockdown

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3 Top Tips For Managing Pregnancy In Lockdown



In today's blog post I wanted to do something a little different!

This lovely lady above is Charlotte Jonsie and I have followed Charlotte online via Instagram and Twitter for a few years now. Charlotte's positive outlook on life, bubbly personality and honesty are just some of the reasons why I enjoy following her channels. Charlotte is a life coach and alongside documenting her life she also shares helpful hints, tips and experiences that will help you in so many ways.


Charlotte has just announced her wonderful pregnancy news and we couldn't be happier for her because she is going to be an amazing mum! After watching Charlotte's latest youtube video where she gives the real low-down on being pregnant, the highs and lows and the nitty gritty stuff I thought you all needed to watch this too! (You can view the fantastic video here and don't forget to subscribe!) 


I have so many customers and followers who are pregnant or looking to get pregnant in the near future and with the current situation of lockdown, I thought it would be a great idea for Charlotte to give you some great tips on managing your pregnancy during lockdown and charlotte very kindly was happy to help! so without further ado here are Charlotte's top tips to managing pregnancy during lockdown:


1. When you need to rest. Rest! Don’t be so hard on yourself. We are so used to running around. This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of rest. Your body needs it more than ever so listen to it.


2. Dance with music! Something I have been doing to lift my mood and a way to bond with my baby. I don’t go mad! Just a light jiggle. It releases feel good hormones = happy baby and happy Mum.


3. Meditate! Keep anxiety levels down with meditation. It relaxes the body, nervous system and slows the breath down. When we feel stressed our baby feels it. So we need to do all we can in our power to lower our stress and anxiety levels during this time


We think these are great tips to look after both yours and baby's mental and physical wellbeing during lockdown and Charlotte also posts live pregnancy workouts with her partner on Instagram which you can follow along with here. These workouts are sure to help you lots with tip number 2! We can't wait to watch Charlotte's next Q&A video over on youtube! Thanks Charlotte xo


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