10 Ways to be Kind

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10 Ways to be Kind




To celebrate National Random Acts of Kindness Day on the 17th February, I wanted to create a post with lots of ideas of random acts of kindness that you can do not just on this day but every day!


In today's society kindness can be hard to come across, whether it's because everyone is focused on their own problems and stress, or whether we have just got out of the habit of doing selfless acts for others. Whatever the reason, it is never too late to start and the more you show kindness, the more it will motivate others to do the same and the more it will make you feel happier! Who doesn't love making someone else smile?!?


Here I have put together some ideas for you to get you started:


1: Pay for someone's coffee in the coffee shop the next time you're in the queue.


2: Buy a positive card for a friend or loved one when they are feeling blue or to just show them how much you appreciate them.


3: Buy a hot meal and a hot drink for the homeless when you see them.


4: If you see someone elderly sitting on their own in a cafe or restaurant, ask if you can sit with them and strike up a conversation with them to keep them company AND learn from them! the elderly have some amazing stories to tell.


5: If you see a Mum or Dad struggling with their little ones, smile and tell them they are doing a good job. Being a parent is hard enough without being judged by strangers. 


6: If someone is short on change at the till and even worse, there is no card machine, give them the money that they need. We've all been there and not only is it embarrassing but it means we have to leave our shopping, go and find a cash machine and come back!


7: Treat your mum and nan to a bunch of flowers just because.


8: When you see someone struggling with their shopping help them carry it AND when you see someone lugging a huge case or a pram up a flight of stairs help them out.


9: See someone that is struggling to cross the road? Help them across and stop traffic from giving them grief


10: Buy your colleagues a hot drink (and maybe a cake) randomly to make them smile :)


These are just a few ideas, there are sooo many more! Leave your own random acts of kindness in the comments, I would love to know what they are!



Emma Thomson


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