9 Ways to Become a More Positive Person

Anyone who knew me around 10 years ago will tell you that I used to be the most negative, anxious, stress-head out there! I would always think of the worst case scenario, get myself into a panic, have a temper and be in a bad mood easily and basically be completely different to how I am now!

9 ways to become a more positive person: Anyone who knew me around 10 years ago will tell you that I used to be the most negative, anxious, stress-head out there! I would always think of the worst case scenario, get myself into a panic, have a temper and be in a bad mood easily and basically be completely different to how I am now!

Don't get me wrong - I still have days (sometimes a week) where I'll have a short temper, or be anxious, or people are irritating me (usually because of hormones haha) but for the most part now I'm pretty happy, chilled and positive. So, how did I change myself to be this way? Well that is what I have chosen to discuss for today's blog post! 

Don't Think The Worst

I used to be the person who always thought of the worst case scenario or 'prepared' myself for the worst thinking that doing so would mean I wouldn't be disappointed and this was a stupid way to live! Not only was thinking of a negative scenario affecting my mood, it was making me feel stressed and anxious and destroying my peace of mind. It has been proven that a positive thought is more powerful than a negative thought so why don't we choose to think positively? Thinking negatively about the future causes worry, anxiety and illness and isn't going to make any difference to the outcome, so we might as well choose to think positively and keep our peace and happiness. So many times the things we have been stressing and worry about never actually happen and afterwards we think 'why on Earth was I even worried about this?'

Be Grateful

Always be grateful for what you have now because even the small things we take for granted such as our eye sight, hearing, health, home, bed, car, the weather and our loved ones another person is praying for. Always be thankful for the good things and people in your life because they can very quickly be taken away.

Don't Compare

This was one of the first things I did all those years ago! I stopped giving a toss about what other people were doing or what they had. When I focused on what I wanted to own, do and be rather than what everyone else owned/had/was becoming I became so much happier!! I've never been very materialistic, I don't care about owning the latest car, or designer clothes, or having the biggest house. I would much rather own what I 'need' and spend the extra money on holidays and an early retirement, as when we die our coffins are the same and we can't take all of these things with us, so I prefer experiences to materialistic things. Some people are the opposite which is completely fine as we are all different but it is important to be yourself and stay true to yourself. Don't compare things like friendships, relationships, family etc to others on social media either! Everything that is posted on social media is a snapshot of one person's portrayal of their life and is not necessary their truth. Focus on you and what makes YOU happy, not on what makes you LOOK happy. 


This one isn't for everyone but since attending church and choosing to live by faith I have found I worry alot less, I am calmer, more positive and I feel like I have a purpose and am not just wondering through life blindly. 

Understand Others

If you find yourself coming across nasty, unhappy people or people who are doing horrible things to you then rather than reacting and responding to it, look deeper! Understand that people who do these things are not happy, somewhere within them there is pain and they are choosing to take it out on you, maybe because you are happy, or positive, or because you have something they want, or because they just want everyone else to feel as badly as they do. Whatever the reason is ignore them, walk away and rise above it. What we sow we reap, so never sow bad feelings if you can help it. This is a tough one to do which takes strength but with practice it can be done. 

Leave Toxic People Behind

If you're finding that you don't look who are you or how you are, then take a look at the people you surround yourself with. Are they kind and supportive? Do they lift you up? Are they happy? Can you talk to them on a deep level? Or are they negative? Put you down? Always bitching and gossipng about others? Always trying to compete with you? If your circle is more of the latter then it may be time to find yourself a new circle! Birds of a feather flock together and these types of people will only drag you down, to fly you need to be surrounded by people you aspire to be like.

Find Something You Love

For me this was jewellery making and it actually turned into this business, haha!

Learning a new skill or finding a hobby will not only keep you positive, calm and feeling that you are constantly achieving goals but it may even lead you to doing this a career that you love! Having a business doing something I love has helped so much with my positivity! I feel in control, excited when orders come in, content when making products and beyond happy when my customers leave me a glowing review! So try something new and see how you feel!


I find that exercise helps greatly with keeping me positive! It releases all of the stress, toxins and built up emotions in my body and sets me up for the day! I feel great after a workout or a swim. The key is to find something that you love and enjoy in order to stick with it and for me I particularly love swimming, dancing and HIIT workouts.

Avoid The News

Honestly one of the best things I did was avoid watching, listening and reading the news! I found it was all such doom and gloom and it affects your mood and how you feel. I still end up finding thngs out anyway due to social media but it's much easier to just scroll past an article, than it is to watch or listen to it throughout the day. Instead I read books, watch motivatonal videos or scroll through Netflix when I want to chill out.

I hope these tips help you to become more positive and if you apply them and practice them as often as you can then you'll become a completely new, positive person! 

Article written by EMMA THOMSON
Innovators of engraved memorial jewellery